Kansas Lottery Act, K.S.A. 76-8701 et seq.

The Kansas Constitution was amended in 1986 to allow the Kansas legislature to provide for a State-owned and operated lottery (Article 15, section 3b.)  In response, the legislature enacted the Kansas Lottery Act, K.S.A. 74-8701 et seq.  The act created the Kansas Lottery, and empowered it to establish and operate a state lottery, the sale of lottery tickets, and the game of keno.  

The act was amended in 2007 by Senate Bill 66 to add operation of lottery gaming facilities (casinos) and racetrack gaming facilities (racinos) to the Kansas Lottery’s jurisdiction.  Senate Bill 66 also created the Kansas Expanded Lottery Act, which was made part of and supplemental to the Kansas Lottery Act, to regulate casinos and racinos.  

The main distinction between the Lottery Act and the Kansas Expanded Lottery Act, as it relates to casinos and racinos, is that the Lottery Act governs operation of casinos and racinos and ownership of the games by the Kansas Lottery.  The Kansas Expanded Lottery Act governs the regulation of casinos and racinos by the Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission.

Kansas Lottery Act, K.S.A. 74-8701 to 74-8732

Kansas Expanded Lottery Act, K.S.A. 74-8733 to 74-8773
(part of, and supplemental to, the Kansas Lottery Act)

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