Employee Gaming License Application Packets

NOTICE: Employee License Applications and Renewals should not be sent directly to the KRGC but instead should be submitted through the Human Resources department of a licensed gaming facility.

Level 1 Gaming Occupation License Application (Forms Packet 410-01)

Persons meeting any of the following criteria are considered Level I employees and will be required to obtain a Gaming Occupation License: 

  • Each person who has authority to hire or fire employees of a gaming licensee; establish working policies for a gaming licensee and an ability to control or direct a gaming licensee; act as the chief financial officer or who has financial management responsibility for a gaming licensee; manage all or part of a gaming licensee, or direct, control, manage or engage in discretionary decision-making over a gaming licensee.
  • Each person who has authority to supervise areas or tasks within a gaming facility including the surveillance investigations and operations in a gaming licensee; the count room; the gaming licensee shift manager or supervisor of the electronic gaming machine operation; the repair and maintenance of the electronic gaming machines and the bill validators; the surveillance department during a shift; repair or maintenance of the surveillance system equipment; a surveillance department trainee or a surveillance room technician; cage, satellite cage and vault; the collection unit of the gaming licensee; the internal audit department; or the management information systems department.
  • Each person who has the authority to develop or administer policy or long-term plans or to make discretionary decisions relative to the management of a gaming facility or ancillary lottery gaming facility, including a general manager or chief executive officer; electronic gaming machine director; director of surveillance; director of security; controller; director of internal audit; manager of the management information systems section or of any information system of a similar nature; marketing department manager; administrative operations manager; hotel general manager; or restaurant or bar general manager; or any other key person designated by the commission.

Level 2 Gaming Occupation License Application (Forms Packet 410-02)

Persons meeting any of the following criteria, or whose responsibilities involve the maintenance or conducting of gaming activities or equipment, or who will be required to work regularly in a restricted area are considered Level II employees or contractors and will be required to obtain a level II Gaming Occupation License.

  • Each person who supervises the pit area;
  • Each person who supervises the gaming table section;
  • Each person who functions as a poker shift supervisor;
  • Each person who functions as a dealer or croupier; conducts or supervises any table game;
  • Each person who repairs and maintains gaming equipment, including, but not limited to slot machines and bill validators;
  • Each person who functions as gaming cashiers or change persons
  • Each person who assists in the operation of electronic gaming machine and bill validators (including persons who participate in payment of jackpots by filling hoppers) or who supervise those persons;
  • Each person who identifies patrons to offer complimentaries, authorizes complimentaries or determines the amount of complimentaries;
  • Each person who analyzes gaming licensee operations data and makes recommendations to key personnel of the gaming licensee relating to gaming licensee marketing;
  • Each person who enters data into the gaming-related computer systems or develops, maintains, installs or operates gaming-related computer software systems;
  • Each person who collects and records patron checks and personal checks which are dishonored and returned by a bank;
  • Each person who develops marketing programs to promote gaming in the gaming licensee;
  • Each person who processes coins, currency, chips or cash equivalents of the gaming licensee;
  • Each person who controls or maintains electronic gaming machine inventory, including replacement arts, equipment and tools used to maintain the same;
  • Each person who has responsibilities associated with the installation, maintenance or operation of computer hardware for the gaming licensee computer system;
  • Each person who provides security in a gaming facility; or
  • Each person who is otherwise designated by the commission.

Level 3 Gaming Occupation License Application (Forms Packet 410-03)

Each person who will be employed by or working for a gaming facility, or acting as an independent contractor of a gaming facility, or working with an ancillary gaming facility operator, and who is not required to obtain a Level I or Level II license shall be required to obtain a Level III Gaming Occupation License or temporary work permit before engaging in any work with the gaming facility.


Renewal Packets

Personal Disclosure Renewals (Forms Packet 554) - For all levels of licenses.

Personal renewal Application and supporting documents shall be filed with the commission not less than 90 days before the expiration date of the gaming license.  Facility managers and suppliers are responsible for expenses, fees and costs incurred by the commission in performing the renewal background investigations of their employees.

Read the entire form before filling it out, and verify your responses afterward. If you have nothing to report on a specific item, indicate "NONE" in the space provided. This form must be completely filled out, typed or printed in black ink, except initials and signatures. Use blue ink when signing, dating, or initialing any page of the documents.

Notice of Appeal of Disciplinary Review Board Order   (Notice of Appeal)

Report of an Alleged Violation – Official Complaint Form


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