The Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission (KRGC) administers the statewide Voluntary Exclusion Program (VEP) for problem gamblers. This state of the art program provides problem gamblers with a method to acknowledge that they have a gambling problem and to take personal responsibility for it by agreeing to stop entering Kansas casinos. The Kansas VEP program is unique in that if offers problem gamblers two options for exclusion. A person can either sign up for a lifetime ban or they can choose a two year ban. After the two years is up the individual can apply to come off of the list but must first meet two criteria. They must complete a problem gambling assessment and then complete a series of courses about healthy lifestyle choices. Then and only then will the commission make a decision on whether the person can come off of the list. It must be stressed that it is the responsibility of the compulsive gambler to seek treatment and refrain from visiting Kansas casinos.

The program directs Kansas casino managers to:

remove Self-Excluded persons from all direct marketing lists;
refuse check cashing privileges; and
deny participation in player programs.

Self-Excluded persons are also subject to arrest for criminal trespassing if they are found in a Kansas casino. They will also surrender any winnings.

The Voluntary Exclusion Program is not a quick fix for problem gamblers. Rather, it is a tool that many recovery problem gamblers find useful in their overall recovery program. The vast majority of people who suffer from compulsive gambling will need counseling or group therapy such as Gamblers Anonymous.

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